Overview of roll forming

Overview of roll forming

Roll Forming (Roll Forming, also known as cold bending forming) is a multi-access forming through sequential configuration. Rolls, which continuously bend the coils, strips and other metal sheets and strips horizontally to make a specific cross-section

Profile. The roll forming process is suitable for the production of large batches of equal cross-section long work pieces, especially for the annual output of hundreds of

For tens of thousands of high-volume products, the roll forming process is the most advantageous and the economic benefits are the most considerable. At the same time, it can also be combined with a variety of processes (such as uncoiling, punching, welding, cut-to-length cutting, etc.).Into a continuous production line.Roll forming Roll forming began in Europe approximately in the 1960s. Due to roll formingThe I-type has the advantages of high production efficiency, material saving, and increased product strength.Industrial applications, automotive, bicycles and other industrial sectors] also use roll forming technology to process complex shapes Pieces. With the advancement of technology and the development of production, the roll forming process has attracted more and more attention.


Basic principles of roll forming process

From the uncoiler to the roll forming, the material is always in a free state and not compressed, so the material is subjected to bending force.It is not affected by stretching, so material deformation is bending rather than stretching. When the material is in the roll forming process, each roller press performs bending deformation on the material once, until the last roller press shapes the material, the whole process. There is no stretching phenomenon in the process, so the material will not become longer in the width direction.This is the fundamental reason for the beautiful appearance, high surface finish and high strength of roll forming parts.

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The basic principle of roll forming.

Basic elements and working flow:

In the rolling production line, the rolling process can be combined with a variety of processes, such as uncoiling, punching, welding, fixed-length cutting, etc., to form a continuous production line for different purposes.

The main process flow of the rolling production line: open the coil cutting head + butt welding strip steel + online punching + forming machine cold bending forming + wheel welding machine + cutting + parts collection, the main process flow of the production line is shown in Figure 2.

Among them, the rolling process is the core process, which is completed by a continuous rolling production line, and finally forms a section of semi-finished parts with equal sections. It generally consists of the following steps.

basic elements of rolling machine

 Decoiler Part:

(1) Unwinding

The raw material of the rolled parts is a ring-shaped coil. Different products can be directly welded on both ends of the steel belt according to the product material, material thickness and material width.

(2) Double Head Decoiler

When the material of the double-headed coil rack is almost used up, the steel coil material needs to be replaced again. The original remaining material on the assembly line and the coil material that needs to be replaced need to be welded with a dedicated flat welder to continue feeding)

decoiler of rolling  machine

The basic flow of roll forming process

(3) Rolling conveys the strip-shaped raw materials to the combined mold cavity (rolling line), that is, the multi-station rolling process

(4) Wheel spot welding; the two large round wheels are always in point contact, and the product is pulsed intermittent spot welding at the moment of point contact by setting the discharge time of the roll welder (this process is only for parts with welding requirements)

Rolling with welding

 Some profile needs bending like the following:

(5) Bending

Through several sets of specific rollers, the spot-welded strip shape is formed to the arc required by the design (this process is only for parts with the required design arc, and the arc is consistent.

(6) Cut off. The arc strip or straight strip that is continuously rolled out by the cutting device is cut into an equidistant strip shape that meets the next process)



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