Basic definition of metal materials

Basic definition of metal materials

For the rolling forming machine, the raw material will effect the rolling forming effect. In order to give the accurate quotation , knowing the basic definition of the metal type and metal features are quite important. For the rolling forming machine, according to rolling forming working types, we can divide it into pure metal and alloy : Here I share some information for your reference, as the metal processing method different and then the characteristics will be quite differnet:

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raw material.png

Mechanical properties

Mechanical properties refer to metal under the action of force

Shown are the elastic and inelastic responses

Performance related or involving the stress-strain relationship,

Such as elasticity, strength, hardness, plasticity, toughness


Concept: The ability of metal materials to resist plastic deformation and destruction under external forces. through

The size is measured by a tensile test. The magnitude of strength is usually expressed by stress.


1 Pa=1N/m2

1M Pa=10'Pa

According to the different ways of loading, the strength can be divided into:

Tensile strength, compressive strength,

Flexural strength, shear strength, and torsion strength.

Note: Generally, tensile strength is used as an index to judge the strength of metal.

Tensile test

(The tensile strength and plasticity of metals are measured by tensile tests)


Tensile specimen

2. Force-elongation curve (take mild steel sample as an example)

3. Stretch curve of brittle material




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