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Why we say our purlin roll forming machine is with high strong quality

The feature of our C Z purlin interchangeable machine

1. The machine is heavy duty type machine, the total weight is about 16 T, that can prove we spend enough material to manufacture this machine. So the heavy machine can ensure stable working

CZ purlin machine05_副本.jpg

2. The machine is vertical arch iron structure frame, it can connected with machine structure and roller shaft together very solidly to make sure the machine will running stable.

CZ purlin machine03_副本.jpg

3. For the feeding& leveling device, all the rollers we have chromed treatment process to ensure the smooth surface. And here have some guiding rollers to ensure the material will be feeding into the machine straight.

CZ purlin machine06_副本.jpg

4. All the rollers on the machine are after chromed treatment, that can ensure the roller will smoothly move and prevent abrasion.

5. The machine add the straightening device to ensure the two sides of the purlin are very straight after forming.

6. The punching device moving type we use new design ( Its working type you can check the machine running video for your reference.) This moving type can ensure it can punching very fast and high accurate.

7. The cutter is no limited cutting type, that means no need to change different cutter when produce different size and shape. Just need to adjust the pull rod besides and on the bottom of the cutting device. That is very easy and fast to adjust.

8. To interchange between C and Z shape, you just need to turn 8 spanners, the process just need within 10 minutes.

9. You can set the size for C and Z purlin on the PLC control system, very easy and convenient

10. The hydraulic oil pump station is a super large box to ensure can provide enough hydraulic power to the machine.

11. The frequency is famous brand: Siemens brand, and all the wires in the PLC system are very clear and stacking

CZ purlin machine02_副本.jpg

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