Bricktile Matte 28 Profile roll forming machine metal glazed tile roll forming machine run in Kenya

Bricktile Matte 30 Profile is a prestigious, tile- shaped roofing profile that resembles the appearance and look of the traditional roofing tile. With its innovative design and superior durability, Bricktile Profile has an elaborately chosen texture and can maintain original color for a considerable long time. The Bricktile Profile is both versatile and elegant and is available in the mart wrinkle finish. 

Bricktile Profile is both effective and elegant, and is available in a range of colors and in customized lengths. Bricktile Profile can be used on roof pitches for a minimum of 7.0 Degrees where single lengths are used and 10.5 Degrees if end laps are used. Bricktile Profile is sold as complete system, with its own distinctive roll top ridges which are designed to complement the profile. The roll top ridge is notched, to allow it to be bent into the tiles as closure.

Cangzhou zhongtuo bricktile glazed tile roll forming machine can produce versatile and elegant tiles sheets very smoothly, so after our bricktile machine arrive in Kenya customers' workshop, they give us positive feedback and placed his other orders very quick. please check the bricktile glazed tile roll forming machine run video in the following, any interest, welcome to contact us. 

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