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How to choose thin-walled light steel equipment?

1. The device should be able to identify the design software data and seamlessly dock: automatically read the data output from the design software.
2. Equipment processing rod components in line with industry standards Reference JGJ 227-2011,GB50018,JGJ/T 421-2018, the function to meet the light steel building connection node. 3. High precision of equipment processing, need to customize the special PLC according to the function of light steel equipment, accurate calculation, fast response speed.
In the on-line production of post-punching shear equipment, two errors of hole displacement caused by tensile and extrusion of raw materials can be avoided during the compression process. About the equipment control system, the use of PLC+ Motion controller control technology has lagged behind, the industry's top equipment are using a new generation of PC-based Fieldbus control system, its stability, accuracy, response speed, easy maintenance and other aspects of the PLC control platform.
The equipment of the FRAMECAD in New Zealand has all been upgraded to this high-performance control system.
4. High yield of equipment, less waste: the length of the rear punching and shearing equipment detection mechanism and punching shear mold distance, so the boot head scrap can be controlled in 0.02m-0.05m, material tail scrap does not exceed 1m.
5. Front punching shear equipment, length detection mechanism away from the shear mold distance, so the boot head scrap is greater than 2m, the length of the material tail scrap is larger than the length of the equipment generally more than 5m. There are light steel houses on-site assembly experience of experts, will be in addition to the number of design requirements, the production of a few additional long-pole parts, in the construction site according to the need to cut to the appropriate length, to do temporary support and connection. The end of the material head material produced by the "front punching and cutting" device is just for this purpose.
There is no waste. 6. Equipment processing efficiency is high, the comprehensive processing speed is generally not less than 4 tons/day (8 hours) ≈160m²/days. The wall processing speed is not less than 600m/h.


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